Key points of office chair purchase


Key points of office chair purchase

Key points of office chair purchase


1、 Security
Safety is the top priority in the purchase of office chairs. Don't choose particularly cheap office chairs because of greed for small and cheap. Many of these types of office chairs are of poor quality and have serious potential safety hazards in the process of use. Generally speaking, the following positions should be paid attention to in the purchase of office chairs:
1. Pneumatic rod
The office chair is supported and connected with the bottom chair foot roller and chassis through the air pressure rod. We usually adjust the height by using the elasticity of the air pressure rod. If the control force of the pneumatic rod is insufficient and it is difficult to control the degree of deformation, the pneumatic rod is particularly easy to be damaged. If the chassis or roller falls off, or if the chassis pops up, people will be injured.
The safety level of the pneumatic rod is 2-4. The higher the level, the stronger the safety. Level 4 is relatively the safest, and it is generally difficult to have problems. When purchasing, we suggest that the safety level of pneumatic rod is level 4. This type of product is very safe.
2. Explosion proof chassis
Chassis is an important structure for placing cushion and connecting armrest and backrest. The explosion-proof chassis must have sufficient support strength. In addition, there must be a certain distance between the chassis and the air pressure rod, and the thickness must be greater than or equal to 2mm.
3. Chair foot
Chair feet are easily ignored in the daily purchase of office chairs. The actual chair feet play an important supporting role in the office chairs, and they must be made of relatively hard materials.
In the daily office chair structure, most of the chair feet are made of steel and nylon. But no matter what the material is, the bearing pressure should not be too low, otherwise the chair foot will break and will not be used in an instant.
2、 Comfort
Comfort determines the protection ability of office chairs for the body. On the basis of safety, what the office chair really protects the body is all kinds of ergonomic comfort design, which is an important factor in determining whether the office chair is easy to use.
Because a good office chair saves effort by providing support for the body to sit up, comfort is to consider whether the support of each part is comfortable:
1. Lumbar support
Lumbar support is a structure that provides important support for the waist in office chair, so as not to put great pressure on the waist. A good lumbar support will not be deliberately prominent, resulting in discomfort at the waist, but will provide a larger support surface to achieve the purpose of saving labor at the waist as much as possible. Therefore, when purchasing, you must not choose those office chairs supported by one point. That kind of office chair can't help save labor at the waist at all, and it will be more uncomfortable to sit up.
2. Ridge bracket
The spine support is a structure in the office chair that provides support for the spine and keeps the spine in a relatively labor-saving curve. The most important point of the spine support is to save the spine effort, because in the process of sedentary, the force on the waist is about ten times that of the usual force, so the spine posture is relatively labor-saving, which will also help the waist relieve pressure and become more relaxed. A simple way to judge is to go offline to see if you feel comfortable sitting on your spine. If you buy online, you can look at the pictures made by others to see if there is any evaluation on the spine support to decide whether to buy it or not.
3. Neck bracket
The neck support is a structure in the office chair to help the neck maintain a proper posture. There is no neck support in some office chairs, but in the long-term office, the pressure on the neck is also relatively large. Over time, it will lead to incorrect sitting posture. Only a fitting neck support can make the neck comfortable after a long-term office.
Of course, comfort also needs to consider the ventilation of the chair itself and the material of the fabric, but these are secondary factors that need to be considered in comfort, which can be determined by reference to preferences.

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