Office chair factory: office chair installation and Disassembly guide


Office chair factory: office chair installation and Disassembly guide

Office chair factory: office chair installation and Disassembly guide


With the continuous development of science and technology, most people have to sit and study or work for a long time every day. Office chairs are also widely used in people's places of work, study and production. If it takes a long time, there will be problems with the chairs we use, or it will decompose when we need to move. Small partners who have experienced the disassembly of office chairs can deeply understand that the installation is too troublesome. Next, the office chair factory will introduce the basic knowledge of compliance and disassembly of office chairs. After all, he is generous and won't bend down.
Office chair factory: how to install Office chairs?
To assemble and disassemble the office chair, you must first know what parts the chair is composed of. The office chair used by most people now consists of chair feet, leg wheels, chassis, chair seats, air rods, chair backs, armrests, headrests, etc. It seems a little too much, but the actual assembly and disassembly is not difficult as long as we master the procedures.
After understanding the various components of the office chair, we can start to assemble. It is recommended to install it from bottom to top, starting with the casters.
1. First, install the footrests on the chair feet one by one. After installing the chair feet, place the air pressure rod vertically in the center of the chair feet.
2. We screwed the chassis to the chair.
3. After the installation of the chair, connect the back of the chair with the chair. The upper body of the chair is almost the same. Then insert the bracket vertically into the air pressure.
4. Finally, we installed the armrest and headrest.
How to disassemble the office chair shared by the factory?
More difficult than installing an office chair is to disassemble the chair. Because there will be a dead buckle between the legs of the chair when used for a long time, if it does not need to be disassembled, it can not be disassembled. If it needs to be forcibly disassembled, please also pay attention to safety.
Other parts of the chair can be unscrewed according to the installation sequence. Two places that are difficult to decompose are the separation of the chair and the air bar, and the other is the separation of the air pressure belt and the chair feet.
Remove the bracket, separate the seat back, and then raise the air pressure rod to the highest level. Grasp the cushion with one hand and press the lifting dial with the other hand. Shake it a few times to remove it.
Disassemble the pneumatic rod. After separating the base and the air pressure rod, the air pressure rod can be removed. You'd better put the feet of the chair upside down and break it with a rubber hammer. People who don't have rubber hammers can use wooden boards.
The office chair factory reminds you that the office chair connects the caster and chassis of the chair at the bottom through the air pressure rod. Usually, the height is adjusted by using the elasticity of the air pressure rod. If the control force of the pneumatic rod is insufficient and the deformation degree is difficult to control, the pneumatic rod is particularly vulnerable to damage. In case of light, the chassis or roller falls off, and in case of heavy, the chassis protrudes and is injured.
The above is the installation and disassembly method of office chair shared by the office chair factory. I hope it can help you.

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