Office furniture purchase tips!


Office furniture purchase tips!

Office furniture purchase tips!


People are important to an enterprise, and everyone's office space is where they need to move for a long time every day. They are also exposed to all kinds of office furniture and office equipment every day. Therefore, a comfortable and beautiful office environment and practical and convenient office furniture can better develop the physical and mental health of employees, so as to better improve work efficiency.
Therefore, the purchase of office furniture is still very important. What aspects should we pay attention to when buying office furniture? Let's take you to know what aspects you need to pay attention to when purchasing office furniture:
1. Brand factory strength
When purchasing office furniture, it is recommended to directly cooperate with brand furniture factories, so that the price is more favorable and less middlemen earn the price difference. When selecting a furniture factory, you can investigate the past cases and samples of the brand according to the needs of the company, and comprehensively select a powerful brand manufacturer.
2. Furniture quality
The performance quality of furniture is the most important, whether it is practical, whether the design is reasonable, whether the humanized design is beautiful at the same time, etc. Having good quality furniture can not only prolong the service life of furniture, but also improve the grade and overall image of the enterprise. The quality of office furniture can be simply identified when purchasing:
Solid wood furniture depends on whether the paint surface is flat and polished in place; Edge banding decoration of panel office furniture; Leather office furniture can be touched by hand. The real leather will be soft and elastic to touch; Good seats and sofas can experience the feeling of sitting. For those who sit in the office for a long time, sponge resilience, load-bearing capacity and lumbar support are very important purchase factors.
3. Hardware accessories
Don't let go of small accessories when you look at the big ones. The hardware accessories in the use of furniture are also very important, such as the slideway, slide rail and handle of the drawer in the movable steel cabinet, the smoothness of pushing and pulling, whether it will be subject to resistance, etc; The armrest, five-star foot, air pressure bar and other product details of the seat can reflect whether the workmanship of a factory is safe and meticulous, and whether the furniture produced can meet the safety signs and environmental protection standards; These can be in the standard guidelines for you to buy furniture.
The above three aspects are the three aspects that can be paid priority attention to when purchasing furniture. Of course, there are other aspects that need attention, such as the smell of furniture and the materials of furniture. Environmental protection and health are also indispensable. After understanding these, buying furniture will become simple.


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